Carolyn Martens
Oil paintings

Carolyn grew up hiking and exploring in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Her mother, grandfather, and great-grandmother were all regional artists and taught her a deep appreciation of art. From Colorado, she went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Division 1 varsity volleyball player and graduated with honors in studio art and political science. For many years, she worked as a graphic designer and later as a communications manager vice president in the corporate advertising world. She managed the creative output for Bank of America's multi-million dollar national advertising campaigns for TV, radio, billboards, and banking center poster art. Since then, she has moved with her family a number of times and now calls Indiana home.

Carolyn’s work has been shown at the North Carolina Museum of Art, The Cultural Arts Gallery at IUPUI in Indianapolis, Harrison Center for the Arts, and other regional galleries. Her permanent public art is featured in the lobby of Cherry Tree Elementary School and outside the auditorium at Carmel Middle School. She has done customized personal art for many private homes in Carmel and across the country.

Artist's Statement

For me, fine art needs to work on many levels and the content of the painting is every bit as important as the colors, texture, and design elements. In my paintings, I draw from common experiences and include layers of cultural symbolism so the final painting can be read in a number of different ways. I paint in oil on any size canvas and use both direct and indirect painting techniques.  


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